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Project Summary

Mark Frost Plumbing & Heating required a website which built trust, ease of communication and a showcase of all the services provided by the company. Working closely with MFPAH, we managed to fulfill these requirements. 

Thank you guys, my website has now become another source of new customers which is always welcomed.

Mark Frost



  • Mark Frost Plumbing & Heating


  • Website design
  • User Interface
  • Platform Build
  • Call to actions
  • Instagram integration 


  • 22 Pages
  • Illustrations
  • Icons
  • Styleguide
  • WordPress Build


  • Introduction to SEO & PPC marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Integration



The Requirements

Mark requested that his site could be updated easily with his latest projects, to conqour this problem we introduced instagram to the platform and integrated it seemlessly within the website. This allows memebers of staff to update the website instantly from their phone with the latest work.

As stated above Mark had a few primary objectives we needed to achieve, one of the most important was the service pages. Plumbing is an industry which contains a wide variety of services, Mark desired to communicate this towards visitors but did not want to confuse of make the interface cluttered. We managed to solve this problem by creating a mega menu which divided all the services into 3 core groups.


    • New modern website
    • Fully mobile responsive
    • New logo design
    • Social media integration
    • Portfolio showcasing
    • Easy enquiries
    • Scale-able expansion room
    • Business email
    • SSL site wide encryption



    Call To Actions


    Online Leads