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Web Design Surrey.

The websites we create remain at the core of your brand with the sole purpose to increase sales and profitability. We target your business objectives and fulfil them across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Distinctive WordPress Solutions.


Functionality and versatility are the fundamental reasons why we choose WordPress as our CMS for web development. Whether it is a simple website to inform customers and generate leads, or even a dynamic online web application, we can develop the platform to suit your needs and place your mark on the internet.

Employing the full power of this open-source framework, we create highly tailored platforms that are content manageable to suit your particular requirements. For more details about our Web design services in Surrey and reserve your special place on the internet, get in touch with DIP Digital.


~ Responsive Design by Default

~ Long Reaching Development Scope

~ Tools to Create your Own Content

~ Rigorous Testing Across All Resolutions

Ecommerce Store Solutions.

If you are looking for an online shopping platform or a personalised booking solution, we can deliver a responsive e-commerce design and work closely with you to deliver a robust platform that meets the needs of your business as well as your customers.

No matter the device, we deliver a user orientated e-commerce solution with instinctive CMS, secure payment gateway implementation including SSL and a fully optimised user experience.

IFluid responsive design IUnlimited amount of products IOnline payment integration
ICustomer account management ISocial media integration

Website Hosting.

We cover a wide range of solutions in regards to your hosting requirements, depending on your needs we will provide you with an adequate server – which will be more than capable of satisfying the demands of your customers.

We utilise cloud technology to not only ensure your website stays online, but resources required are scaled accordingly. This allows your hosting package to grow with your business. For customers with media rich content, we recommend a private solution of a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This service will give you full throttle at all times, delivering your content fast and consistently.

All our hosting services have 24/7 active security monitoring, this is to combat the malicious nature of the internet. We ensure your service is protected by regular updates to ward off any potential threats to your service and your customers.

Scale-able Hosting Solutions

99.9% Server

Daily Server Backups

24/7 Security Monitoring

 Frequent Security Updates

Malicious Software Scanning

Responsive Designs.

It is well known that mobile systems are becoming the most used device for internet browsing.

As we all adjust into the age of browsing via mobile, websites must not only look suitable on smaller resolutions but they must offer a custom-made approach that brings a thoroughly optimised experience for the visitor.

By using a responsive web design, it allows you to cover all current and future devices. Causing less confusion for customers, as well as an easy to use interface.

IDesktop, Mobile, Tablet, TV friendly IMinimise data cost for mobile visitors
IRank higher in google with excellent responsive rating

WebFlow CMS.

A new era of content manage systems has dawned, welcome to WebFlow. This CMS boasts fluid design and lightning speed delivered through static pages, creating your own truly unique footprint on the internet.

The codebase is clean and semantic, simple on page editing allows clients tweak the site them selves without facing update charges. Sites under this CMS take a design prioritised philosophy over others such as WordPress, if you can visualise it – WebFlow will cater for you.

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