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Your home in this ever-growing digital landscape, how do you stand out? Diligent website development is a critical base of operations towards the journey of your online success. Your website is your shop window, first impressions are vital and perceptions are cemented quickly. You must use your web platform to showcase what you have to offer, as well as fortify trust between the business and your customers. Thankfully this is easily achieved by using our web design services.

The methodology we take for building web platforms combines all the fundamental schools of thought regarding modern web development, such as Search Engine Optimisation, user experience and graphic design. Possessing an attractive site is only half the battle, we consider other essential areas such as mobile responsiveness, cross-browser and device compatibility and user experience.

DIP Digital can bring all these elements together to design your website, ultimately allowing your business to connect with your target audience and give you the professional online presence you need in this digital age.

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Responsive Website Development

Distinctive WordPress Solutions

Functionality and versatility are the fundamental reasons why we choose WordPress as our CMS for web development. Whether it is a simple website to inform customers and generate leads, or even a dynamic online web application, we can develop the platform to suit your needs and place your mark on the internet.

Employing the full power of this open-source framework, we create highly tailored platforms that are content manageable to suit your particular requirements. For more details about our Web design services in Surrey and reserve your special place on the internet, get in touch with DIP Digital.

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The Web Design Process

The thought of creating a website can be daunting to some, a lot of technical jargon which can be confusing, demotivating and possibly time consuming. We get it. Although it does not need to be this way, take a look at our process below and see how easy it can be.

First, we get talking, kicking off the process by gathering an understanding of your goals. Once we know where you are heading, the next step is to break down the project into pages – this is commonly known as a site map, which gives an overall scope of the mission. Finally, all this information is wrapped up in a document outlining what we have discussed, what the project consists of and the budget based on the findings.

During the design phase, we will establish what fonts, colours and images will be used. This allows our design team to have a creative reference whilst they construct your pages. Design is not solely based around multi-media, content creation is also addressed at this stage. We can take care of this for you or you can write your content yourself.

When the time of creation dawns, we will get our heads down and build your website based on the information we have gathered from the above steps. During the building phase, we will give you updates and request approval of certain elements we develop.

As you are regularly being crawled and related to relevant queries Google will be looking for growth in relevancy for your target keywords. It is then our task to monitor your reports, identify areas of growth as well as negate negative influences. This process happens in parallel with SEO trend changes, algorithm updates and competitor analysis.

Responsive Designs

It is well known that mobile systems are becoming the most used device for internet browsing. As we all adjust into the age of browsing via mobile, websites must not only look suitable on smaller resolutions but they must offer a custom-made approach that brings a thoroughly optimised experience for the visitor.

By using a responsive web design, it allows you to cover all current and future devices. Causing less confusion for customers, as well as an easy to use interface.

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Responsive Website Development

Flexible Price Plans

Monthly Cost Plan
Pay Monthly

Upfront costs can be a nuisance, especially for small businesses and startups. We want to make quality web design accessible and affordable. We offer pay monthly packages which include no upfront costs or setup fees, no contracts so no stress.

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On-Site SEO
Fixed Cost

Here for the long haul? We have got you covered! We still offer a traditional pricing package which consists of a one-off fixed cost. You will receive your quote, we will then finalise the proposal for your confirmation and then brace yourself for lift off.

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Real World Local SEO Application

Part of a good SEO strategy is the implementation of a good content strategy, you can use this to support local SEO efforts and increase additional leads in other towns that you service. A good example of this technique in action are geo-pages such as the ones we use below, they delivery hundreds of leads for us each year.

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We deploy multiple techniques to help you dominate the digital space, check our some of our other services.
PPC Management

Quickly acquire customers with purchasing intent, our PPC campaigns will give you leads instantly.

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Our Marketing Services
Search Engine Optimisation

Place your website at the top of the search engine results, ensuring a high volume of traffic.

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