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Why Social Media?

Social media has become a core element of a modern digital marketing strategy, naturally this is due to the increase of social media usage over recent years. A statistic you need to be aware of “97% of digital consumers have used a social media network in the past month”. By actively operating within the social space, you are engaging and tapping into a rich market.

The beauty of this technique is that you gain a direct stream of communication to your audience, which can be broken down into high targetable demographics. On top of this, content can be very relatable for your audience, lure followers with high quality media, conversation provoking topics or maybe a contest.

Service Balance

We can break down the social platform of your choosing, and design a strategy which gains you a return on investment.
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Service Step By Step

Unsure how the process unfolds? Don't worry, here is what you can expect when you utlise our Social Media strategies.

Our team has intricate knowledge of each social media platform, we will select the optimum channel which best suits your brand and hits your target market.

Gaining an understanding of your brand is important to us, as well as determining what you expect to achieve by engaging with your audience. This allows us to create performance metrics to analyse the effectiveness of each campaign.

With targets set and the strategy devised it is time to transform theory into practice. Initial creation, uploads and engagement will begin at this stage, this will form the foundation of your strategy.

Social media is an ever-evolving platform, following trends. We have advanced data collection techniques which allow us to see exactly how your campaign is performing. This data is compiled every month into an easily digestible report for you. Following the data, we adapt your strategy to keep progressing upwards and hitting your goals and beyond.

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