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SEO Surrey Wide.

As an experienced SEO agency in Surrey, we focus on improving organic search positions through technical and creative approaches, this results in more traffic and an increase in conversions via natural search channels.

What Is SEO.


Search engine optimisation is often referred to as “SEO”, it is primary used as a tool to acquire free traffic from the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), these come from providers such as Google, Bing & Yahoo.

If you have ever paused and thought “How does Google show me what I’m looking for?” the answer may not immediately appear to you. The reality is search engines such as Google use crawlers (nice robots – don’t let the name mislead you) to gather all the information across the entire internet. They then take that data and create an index, once the index has been created it is finally sent through query algorithms which will try and match the data to your query / Google search results.

The algorithm is complex and many factors go into the equation to decide who will be first on the Google results page, these factors include: Domain level features, Keyword usage, User & usage data, Brand affiliations, Page level structures, External linking and Social metrics to name a few.

We utilise our years of experience and understanding of SEO to manage your website to hit all the key areas of the search algorithms, this allows you to steadily progress to the top of the SERPs and benefit from the large sums of organic traffic.


Why Use Our Surrey SEO Services.

Nearly all online journeys begin with a search query from an engine. Organic traffic is reliably the topmost source of traffic to a website. Harnessing the control of the leading search engines like Google and Bing, we believe it is all about understanding the finest practices and creating unique, relevant content.

Unless you actively conducting Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in-house, it can be progressively difficult to keep up to date with the newest practices and modern insights, alongside with naturally evolving result page features. Every website also faces firm competition within the SEO market, you will come to appreciate the ability to monitor this from a data stand point in relation to business logic.

With years of experience and thousands of keywords ranked on the first page of Google, find out why we’re a leading SEO agency Surrey wide and contact us today.

How Do We Take Control.

Truthfully, SEO is not about pacifying bots; it is primarily focused on grabbing user-intent with your business offerings. Whether this in the formula of brand awareness, product promotion or refining overall usability. This can be in the technique of a full-on implementation of technical changes to content construction and rewrites to make sure that you are delivering to the highest quality. The technique is a long term strategy which pays high dividends later on in the form of free consistent organic traffic to your website, here is a quick overview of how we achieve this:

The Planning:

Initial SEO Audit

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research

Generate Strategy

The Beginning:

Once we have acquired all the data and made a strategy it is time to set the wheels in motion, the first port of call will be the website. On-site SEO will need to be conducted, this involves content editing, markup language implementation and code structure alterations – this is all in accordance to our generated strategy. Once the website is fit for purpose we then look to secure external factors.

The Engine:

Now everything is planned and the foundations have been set accordingly it is time to build the strategy’s momentum and root your presence, this is achieved through unique content updates, external linking, social integrations updates and time. Google unfortunately will not let you rest on your laurels, essentially we must show Google you are HERE, RELEVANT, GROWING and ready to SERVE customers. 

As you are regularly being crawled and related to relevant queries Google will be looking for growth in relevancy for your target keywords. It is then our task to monitor your reports, identify areas of growth as well as negate negative influences. This process happens in parallel with SEO trend changes, algorithm updates and competitor analysis.